Date of this Version: January 7, 2022

RK Tech Works Privacy Policy

At RK Tech Works, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell or rent information about our customers or visitors. All information provided to us remains confidential, except as required by law or to comply with a court order or other legal process.

We will not collect any personal information about individuals except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals. Examples of such information are: email address, postal code, and phone number. We will not disseminate this information to any outside parties outside of RK Tech Works, and our agents for any payment processing, ID verification or compliance verification. None of our applications ask for credit card numbers.

We do not sell or rent any information for an external entity's direct marketing purposes.

We may share non-personal aggregate, or summary, information regarding our customers with partners or other third parties, but we do not sell or share any information at the individual customer level.

Our web server collects access logs containing click-stream data and HTTP protocol elements, including IP addresses. We collect this data for the purpose of site administration, completing the user's current activity and research and development. This data is only used internally.

We do not collect HTTP cookies, except as noted below.

Product-specific privacy

The applications and services developed by RK Tech Works are designed around privacy and collecting the minimum amount of information on its users.

ID Pocket

As a decentralized application, there is no central database of all users. All data that you create is stored locally in your app. We can glean information from the app stores as to how many people have downloaded the app and currently use it, but we gather no personal information from our users.

If you choose to use more of the functions than storing/displaying paper-based credentials, you can connect an Ethereum account to the app. The app then stores your Ethereum address, private recovery phrase and an encryption key that is derived from a message that you sign using the Ethereum account. During that signing process, the app shares your Ethereum address with the wallet app to indicate the specific wallet address that is to perform the signing.

If you choose to backup your data to our cloud storage service, the filename of the backup file contains your Ethereum address, along with a unique character string based on your encryption key. The backup files are encrypted with your encryption key, so you are the only person that can decrypt it. As an extra privacy measure, to thwart anyone who knows your Ethereum address from downloading your backup file (even though it's encrypted), they would also need to know the extra character string, which has over 4 billion possibilities. If you no longer want your backup file, you can request that we delete it from the cloud storage service.

If you use our URL Shortener service when generating QR Codes, we store a record in a remote database containing the short code, the long URL, along with your Ethereum address. These records are regularly deleted after they expire.


As an email alias and forwarding service, we are very focused on privacy. We store your email address and a username, which can be any unique string of characters. We also store your decentralized identifier (DID) when you register with a web3 wallet, so we can identify you when you login. We do not use or store passwords.

We track the number of emails received, blocked or sent by user. We do not tag each log entry with a timestamp, but rather keep a count of each by user and by day.

We store a list of the email aliases that you've told us to block, so that we can properly block them. We do not store any list of alias names that you use.

We remove web server and email server logs regularly and as soon as practical.

Wine Flavs

We collect and store an email address and password for each user, so that they can login to the service. Optionally, the user can choose to store their ZIP Code to aid in finding wine retailers close to them. The passwords are stored using one-way encryption.

If you no longer want an account on this app, you can delete your account, and all associated data, by pressing the button on the profile page.

We collect HTTP cookies once a user logs in to track the session to ensure that a valid user is accessing the pages.

We store your saved flavor profiles and your favorite wines. We only use this data for summary-level analytics.