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Announcing the release of AKA3 email alias app

January 27, 2023 -- Ron Kreutzer

We've just released an app to manage our AKA3 Email Alias service. AKA3 ™ has been operational since 2019 with a web-based management tool. Now, people looking for an email alias service on the app stores can now find AKA3.

The AKA3 email alias service allows you to invent email alias addresses whenever you are asked for your email. Emails sent to that address are forwarded to your real email address. If that person/company starts spamming you, just setup a block in the app, and you'll never see emails from them anymore.

The service is focused on privacy. The only piece of personal information that we collect is your email address. We also remove tracking images from incoming emails to further preserve your privacy.

This is a subscription-based service that costs about $1/month. You can subscribe in the app, or you can use the web version to pay in cryptocurrency.

More information is at AKA3

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