ID Pocket: The Wallet for your Personal Data

Why you need ID Pocket and what's new

April 11, 2024 -- Ron Kreutzer

Do you have a wallet? Of course you do. You need a place to store your cash and credit cards. But what about your personal data? Where do you store insurance cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and identity documents? Chances are they are also in your physical wallet, and it's bloated. But what if you could store all of your personal data in one place, just like your wallet? That's where ID Pocket comes in.

Likely you don't need paper copies of most of your personal data that you carry around with you. You can digitally store them in ID Pocket, and have them available on your phone when you need them. ID Pocket is a secure, private, encrypted app that stores your personal data in a digital wallet. For those items where it is available, you can also store Verifiable Credentials, which are digital versions of your identity documents that are cryptographically secure and tamper-proof.

Unlike other apps that store your personal data, ID Pocket is not a cloud-based service. Your data is stored on your device, encrypted, safe and available offline. This means that your data is not stored on our servers, and we don't have access to it. We don't know when and where you are when you open a specific loyalty card. We don't store your login password to that store so we can see your point balance. We don't sell this data to advertisers. WHO WOULD WANT THAT?

Instead, we provide a secure, private, encrypted app that stores your personal data in a digital wallet. You can access your data when you need it, and you can share it with others when you want to. You can also backup your data to your computer or cloud storage provider, so you can restore it if you lose your device. You can also use ID Pocket to password-less sign-in to sites that support WalletConnect.

We continue to expand and enhance the ID Pocket app. Lately we've been focused on the following:

Please download ID Pocket and give it a try. The app is free, no ads, no trackers -- private and secure. This app is a give-back project and we make no money on it, which is why you won't see a lot of advertising for it. Most importantly, tell your friends, as word-of-mouth is important to getting others to find and use this app.

Want more history on why we created this app? View the blog post on Why ID Pocket.

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