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RK Tech Works presents ID Pocket

Your private digital pocket for your identity and credentials

ID Pocket : Digital identity wallet


With ID Pocket, you can store and use digital copies of the documents currently in your physical wallet. You can also store verified digital credentials and use them online and in-person.

You're going cashless, you touch your phone at credit card terminals to pay for things.

More entities are accepting digital versions of your identification card and driver's license.

You may need to show proof of medical tests and health.

This is the app for every non-payment thing in your physical wallet.

  • Capture, store and easily display images of the paper documents currently stored in your physical wallet
  • Store medical test results, then present them for scanning when necessary
  • Scan and store verified digital identity credentials, then present them to others who request them.
  • Sign-in to websites and dApps without using passwords.
  • Own and control your data. There is no central service that can see or use your data. Private by design.
  • Reduce the size and weight of your physical wallet by removing all documents where you don't need to present a paper copy.

As Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) becomes more commonplace, you can store and use Verifiable Credentials. For those documents that don't require verification, you'll be able to present digital images.

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Digitize your wallet

Scan and store digital images of all non-payment items from your physical wallet. Easily display them when needed.

  • Never forget a needed document/credential again.
  • Most items in your wallet don't need to be presented in paper form. Leave those at home.
  • Quickly find and present a credential for scanning or viewing
  • Available anytime. No need for an internet connection.
  • Barcode or QR Code displays for easy scanning.
  • Easily email or Whatsapp the images to someone
  • View your items in a categorized list or by thumbnail images

Password-less sign-in to websites

Easily sign-in to websites and dApps without passwords. Privacy-respecting.

  • Scan a QR Code with the app to register or sign-in to websites and dApps.
  • Supports Sign-in With Ethereum (SIWE) and WalletConnect protocols.
  • No tracking or selling data on sites visited, unlike Facebook, Google, etc.
  • A unique identifier for each site eliminates any vendor correlation.

Use multiple personas

Define multiple personas with your profile information. Choose the appropriate one to use (i.e., Work, personal, etc.)

  • Setup personas for work, family, gaming, investing, etc.
  • When consenting to disclose information, choose the persona to use.
  • Personas contain profile information like username, email, phone, photo.
  • Emails and phone numbers are verified, then stored as Verifiable Credentials.

Use verified digital credentials

Store your digital identity as Verifiable Credentials and use these online and in-person.

  • ID Pocket supports the Self Sovereign Identity standards for Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Presentations.
  • Scan and accept Verifiable Credentials from organizations.
  • Respond to requests for credentials, and show only the data elements necessary.
  • Accept connection invitations, initiate connection invites, and securely communicate with your connections.
  • Planned expansion to enable Presentation Exchange, DIDComm, Credential Manifests, etc. as these standards become finalized.

Efficient and productive

A user experience that is simple for daily use

  • Easily display credentials with a minimum number of clicks
  • Mark a document as a favorite, to appear at the top
  • Click on a QR Code or identifier to copy it to the clipboard
  • Click on an image to enlarge, then pan or zoom
  • Easily send document images via email or Whatsapp
  • Categorize your credential documents and display as a list of names or images
  • Link verified credentials to scanned documents to allow verification at varying levels of verifier sophistication
  • Dark mode for those that prefer it

Robust. Secure. Private.

Advanced functions to safeguard your identity

  • Enable biometric checks to control access to some or all credentials
  • Set the image capture resolution to control quality versus storage space
  • Securely backup and restore your data using our cloud storage service
  • Integrated URL shortener service creates easier-to-scan QR Codes, with extra access security
  • Manage identifiers and keys that are created on your behalf
  • Translated in over a dozen popular languages

Own your identity

Your data, on your device. You are in control.

  • All documents and credentials are captured and stored on your device.
  • No one can see where or when you displayed a credential.
  • You can make an encrypted backup of your data to cloud storage. Only you have the key to decrypt it.
  • Total ownership = total responsibility. You lose your device without a backup? No one can help you.

Welcome to web3

Decentralized, digital identity wallet for security

  • To access the verified identity features, you'll connect an Ethereum account to this app.
  • The app will then digitally sign a phrase, which is used to create the app's master encryption key.
  • The encryption key is securely stored on your device.
  • There is no login to a central service, it's just you, your device and this app.
  • Security, privacy, total ownership, verified identity -- welcome to the new reality.

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